20x Environment Friendly Biodegradable Swing Bin Liners


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Product Description

Since the late 40s the use of plastic has grown immensely. While at first plastics were thought to be harmless due to the inert nature of the materials, its increased use has become a problem due to the tremendous quantities requiring disposal. Plastic will often amount to almost half the total volume of waste collected.

Even after 200 years, plastic products such as garbage bags are still in their original form, thus not allowing the material inside to degrade naturally.

The solution is as simple as corn starch, which accelerates the degradation process by several orders of magnitude. These bags contain a surface modified hydrophobic starch, usually made from corn. When added to polyethylene, it renders the material BIODEGRADABLE once it has been buried in soil or water. In addition they contain additives which render plastics PHOTO DEGRADABLE when left in sunlight.

  • Made in CANADA
  • You will get 2 lots of 10 bags
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