45m Rotary Clothes Airer Dryer

45m Rotary Clothes Airer Dryer + pegs/ peg bag +cover


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Product Description

45 METRE ROTARY AIRER KIT .Complete with ground spike/24 pegs/ clothes peg bag

45m painted steel rotary airier with a split pole design for ease of transporting home and 4 rectangular painted arms for extra strength, with a 2 stage twist lock to help minimize line sag in warmer weather also includes arm end hanger hooks for extra drying space.


  • Height 1455 (mm) 145.5 (cm) / Width 120 (mm) 12 (cm)
  • Depth 120 (mm) 12 (cm)/  Holds up to 3 loads of washing.
  • Material: Steel, plastic, PVC coated line/  Size : 45m

   Box  Contains;

  • 1 metal spike/ 45 Meter rotary airier / 4 rotating arms / 24 clothes pegs
  • 1x clothes peg bag/ 1x rotary cover/ Galvanized steel center pole

Additional information

Switch to line drying instead of tumble drying to save electricity./Easy to assemble 2 piece pole

  • Painted steel frame with a 35mm center pole/4 Rectangular arms
  • Twist & lock operating system to minimize lag sag in warmer weather
  • Ground socket included; 2.52m turning circle/Arm end hanger hooks
  • Total height: 1.82m/ B&Q product


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