IonLight Energy Saving Purifying Ionic Light Bulbs

IonLight Energy Saving Purifying Ionic Light Bulbs


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IonLight 2x15w Bayonet Fit  / Energy Saving & Air Purifying Ionic Light Bulbs

The amazing Ionic air purifying light bulb that cleans the air while it lights up your room! The Ionic Bulb works by emitting powerful pollution fighting ions.

An energy efficient light bulb that cleans the air while lighting the room. The Ionic light blubs remove airborne particles such as pollen, dust particles, bacteria, smoke, cooking and pet odors. They use 75% less energy than ordinary light bulb and last up to 8000 hours!

This 15w energy saving ionic light bulb is equipped with an air purifier on the basis of an energy-saving lamp. It has the environmental protection function, such as removing the smoke, collecting the dust, Eliminating the peculiar smell, eliminate various harmful germs and various poisonous volatilizing chemicals in the air (such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and ammonia), enhancing the immunity, promoting the metabolism, improving the air quality.You will get a set of 2 ionic bulbs in one box complete with instructions.


  • Remove smoke, pollution & pet dander from the air
  • Remove pollen, dust & dust mites from the air & offer allergy relief
  • Freshens the air by removing odor causing airborne particles
  • Ideal for pet areas, smoker homes and all household areas
  • Affect levels of serotonin, associated with anxiety & stress
  • Enhance the body’s absorption and utilization of oxygen for better health
  • Help sufferers of insomnia, headaches, tiredness and general malaise
  • Have a beneficial effect on those suffering from bronchial complaints
  • Save up to 80% on energy costs and average 10,0000 hours of life
  • Uses only 15watts and produces 60 watts
  • Pay for itself in energy savings alone over regular incandescent bulbs

Please note information was taken from the company’s website for listing purposes Only the information is what they claim the bulb does .

Ideal for Bedroom, lobby, toilet, kitchen, scriptorium, assembly room, smoking room, hotel, barroom, school, supermarket and library

Please note – this has a bayonet fitting and not screw as shown   Now watch the video



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