Long Reach Garden Secateurs Pruners Clippers
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Long Reach Garden Secateurs Pruners Clippers


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Product Description

This Long Reach Secateurs will make light work of any task and allow for quick and easy garden maintenance. Invaluable for light pruning and dead-heading in difficult-to-reach areas, rose arches and pergolas, and at the back of borders. With a 360 degree swivel head, This light weight tool is ideal for picking fruit, tackling prickly berberis and holly, tidying pond plants and collecting fallen cuttings.  As it can be used single-handed

The secateurs will even get deep inside thorny bushes with absolutely no risk to you of sustaining nasty scratches, pricks and cuts without the need for a ladder.

Features; Light weight / Heavy duty Alumium and plastic construction / Size:63cm / (25”)Long Approx. / Lockable blade. /And as it’s adjustable it enables you to cut from different angles. / Single hand operation / Protective sleeve /Not suitable for thick branches /Comes in a plain white box



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