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Lawn & Garden Leaf Lifter Remover Collector


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Product Description

Stop wasting energy with garden tools that are ineffective, and start using something better with your typical leaf rakes.
The Leaf Lifter is an efficient leaf cleanup tool for packing and bagging leaves, yard and gardening waste in no time. A unique tool, it is used to load and rake leaves and waste right into the bag. The Leaf Lifter cuts your work in half, saving time and back strain.
The Leaf Lifter can be used to pick up leaves, grass clippings, thatch, pine needles, pine cones, yard and gardening waste. Your hands never touch the waste. Bag is securely fastened to the Leaf Lifter by the elastic band (included).
When done and bag is full, simply take off the band and just close the bag. (Uses and large bag or garbage bag) The Leaf Lifter is the smartest invention of hand held garden tools and should be sitting with the rest of any lawn care enthusiasts yard tools ready to clean up their lawn!
· A must have gardening tool, Cuts your work time in half
· Bag leaves while standing, Prevents stooping and bending
· Holds bag open for easy raking
· Bag opening is 18 x 10 inches Approx.
· Complete with elasticated band and instructions.
· strong metal construction
· Poly bin bag Not included
· Simple assembly required