Drip Free Retractable Umbrella Protector Guard

Drip Free Retractable Umbrella Protector Guard


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Product Description

When you close your wet umbrella, water drips all over your clothes, your upholstery, or your floor. Simply slid your wet umberella into this retractable drip free cover and hey “presto” no more drips. When the umbrella is closed, the guard slips over the wet fabric, shielding car floors,seats and clothes from water. No more wet car seats, wet clothes, or wet, slippery floors. Later the water can be drained out. Clever idea. The drip guard really does protect clothing and rug


 Drip free /No dangarous points/Safety tips to prevent eye injuries.

Hard-plastic, retractable shell that slips over the wet umbrella to keep raindrops off clothes and floors./Measurements; 2 feet long when fully extended(Approx)from top to end tip



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