Safe Light Heavy Duty rubberized Emergency torch

Safe Light Heavy Duty rubberized Emergency torch


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Product Description

The newest Safe-Light product series has their most rugged and versatile design ever, virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate case making it ideal for for when you are out and about.

The Safe-light uses a 9 volt battery to power a 5mm led. This light is intended as an emergency light but can be used as a regular flashlight if needed. By default the light will be in “locator” mode a very dim always on mode that can be used to find the light in the dark, the light can run for about a year (pending the type of battery used) in this mode that can be deactivated pressing the button for 2 secs and reactivated in the same way.

From the always-on mode you can activate the low-beam flashlight then high-beam and then the emergency strobe before returning to the always-on mode. You cycle through modes just pressing the button. The light is water resistant and comes with a belt clip that is also magnetic. It is a very good product to keep in different places in the always-on mode so you can use it if you are in need


The torch is small enough to be carried in your pocket yet powerful enough for emergencies .Excellent for tent lighting or small room lighting uses during power emergencies. Perfect for changing fuses, and searching for items  in the drawer, toolbox, or glove box.
Great for the car or boat, handy in the home or office, this little flashlight will amaze you!



  • Up to two years of battery life in Night Light standby mode
  • Up to 10 hours in High Beam mode.  Includes a removable belt clip with imbedded magnet.

Complete with battery