Masterplug SRPMSTU82PB USB Charging Surge Protected 2 m Extension Lead Power Centre with 8 Sockets


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Product Description

Protect your devices against voltage spikes the Masterplug 8-Gang Surge Protected Extension Lead with USB provides a brilliant solution. This excellent quality extension lead has a Master/Slave function that switches off multiple devices at once alongside the Master device. This is particularly useful for powering down your computer and all of its peripherals simultaneously.

The 8-Gang Surge Protected Extension Lead with USB also features two powered USB sockets that conveniently enable you to charge up devices such as cameras and mobile phones without using up your computer’s connectivity resources. This surge protected extension lead also offers telecom protection for your broadband, ISDN or modem connections and provides 2 metres of extension cable.

Masterplug are so confident of their product’s quality, the 8-Gang Surge Protected Extension Lead with USB also comes with a £10, 000 warranty against equipment damaged by voltage spikes.

SURGE PROTECTION ADVICE. Hundreds of power surges can occur in your home and office every day. The switching on/off of fluorescent lights and household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers can cause power surges and spikes.

MASTERPLUG SURGE WARRANTY. Confident in our ‘state of the art’ technology Masterplug Surge products come with a ‘Connected Equipment Warranty’. In the unlikely event that a surge passes through this protection device within 3 years of purchase and damage occurs to the connected equipment, Masterplug will pay up to the amount shown on the product packaging to repair or replace the equipment. Masterplug stands by the quality of its Surge products.



  • Energy saving – Automatically switches OFF 5 sockets when the Master device is powered down. Two sockets permanently on.
  • Two USB charger outputs ideal for use with, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3’s, Mobile phones, PDA’s and Digital Cameras
  • 8 x Surge protected 13A sockets with three channel protection and safety thermal cut-out


Box Contains

1 x 8-Gang Surge Protected Extension Lead
1 x 2m BT to BT Fly Lead.