DR ITAMI’S Deluxe Brain Games


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“Maximise your memory muscle and monitor your mental progress. Super graphics with touch-screen action. There are 16 games to choose from. A product of the brilliant mind of Dr Itami, one of Japan’s most eminent academics a lecturer and visiting professor at some of the country’s leading Universities.

This hand-held brain-melting mental workout is the pinnacle in mind Olympics with 16 power-filled cerebral games to test every facet of your mental, scholastic and psychological ability. Train on a daily basis and watch your mental agility improve significantly.”

This hand held brain game is only 4”x4” Approx and weighs only 150gms Approx so you can slip it in your bag use it in the go on the bus or train or while in the garden. The game has a large 7cm x7cm LCD touch screen and you play the game using a onboard stylus (included)



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