CnM One Room Security Alarm Kit


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Product Description

This single room alarm kit allows easy installation of of a security alarm which will protect one room. It consists of a Motion Detection Alarm Unit and a Key chain Remote Control.

The Remote Control is used to Arm and Disarm the system. It operates using infrared, so it must be pointing directly at the Motion Detection Alarm Unit to function.

The system has two operating modes: ALARM and CHIME. Chime Mode is a low security feature that will produce a door-chime sound when the alarm is triggered. In Alarm Mode the device will produce a constant high volume alarm sound when triggered.

This one room alarm kit from CnM is a great way to beef up your home security. Featuring an easy to install set up and wireless control, making it easier and quicker to get yourself protected. This device perfectly compliments larger alarm systems that don’t give you full coverage.
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