Royal Fire Aluminium Heat Powered Stove Fan
Royal Fire Aluminium Heat Powered Stove FanRoyal Fire Aluminium Heat Powered Stove Fan

Royal Fire Aluminium Heat Powered Stove Fan


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Product Description

The Royal FireTM Heat Powered Stove Fan is a must have for heat circulation and distribution for your room via your stove. Simply place the Heat Powered Stove Fan onto your Stove and let the fan do all the work. It does not require any batteries or powering of any kind. 
The fan will circulate and optimize the airflow to the rest of your room more efficiently, generating more warmth and covering more areas to your room. 
Stove Fan Dimensions: Width: 18cm, Length: 10cm, Height: 21cm. 
Stove Weight: 0.6kg 
New high efficiency blade design Circulates warm air throughout your room Greater airflow at lower stove temperatures Ultra low 50°C (122°F) starting temperatures Maximum operating temperatures 340°C (644°F) Optimum operating temperatures range 80-250°C (176-482°F) 


Your Stove Fan must be placed on a flat and level surface, with the fan blades free to rotate. Please ensure the fan is placed in this correct position before lighting the stove. Stoves get really hot, they are designed too, when in use your Stove Fan will get hot and circulate hot air. Stove fans are highly attractive as well as functional and will draw attention to onlookers, therefore please ensure that any elderly, infirm, children or pets are supervised during operation. It is not recommended to move the fan whilst in operation unless to remove in the event of the stove over firing, in this instance always wear gloves to protect against burns or contact with the blades. Do not cause obstruction to the fan blades, this could damage the Fan or the item in contact with the fan.