Total Reach Flat Felt Multi purpose Yellow Duster
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Total Reach Flat Felt Multi purpose Yellow Duster


Flat yellow duster

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Product Description

Discover the easiest way to dust your home, office or vehicle. This dusting wand is the ultimate tool for cleaning and dusting in hard-to-reach places. Reach into narrow vents, slender crevices, and small openings to extract dust and dirt.

The duster’s unique bendable ability allows you to reach in most hard to reach places like under furniture, between tight spaces, ¬†bookshelves, ceiling vents and. Use it to clean lint from under the dryer, behind the fridge, under tables, plants on ledges, and more.Ideal for car vents, air conditioners, computer keyboards, and electronics. Reach Anywhere Duster goes where no other duster can for a spotless home!


  • Machine washable.
  • Size ;Large 30″L x 5” W(77cm Lx13cm W)
  • Unique flat design to easily dust hard-to-reach spots
  • Flexible sturdy plastic body and yellow fiber outer sleeve.

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