Oduo ODUO Bluetooth Sports Buds In-Ear Headphones Earphones
Oduo ODUO Bluetooth Sports Buds In-Ear Headphones EarphonesOduo ODUO Bluetooth Sports Buds In-Ear Headphones EarphonesODUO14ODUO 13ODUO9ODUO8ODUO5ODUO 3

Oduo ODUO Bluetooth Sports Buds In-Ear Headphones Earphones


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Product Description

Bluetooth Technology It is great to listen to your own music while exercising, but it can be inconvenient to carry your iPod or smart phone around on you when you are pumping the iron or pounding the treadmill. What is required at such times are reliable wireless headphones. Oduo CR16SP are the ultimate workout Bluetooth earphones. You do not need to wear your device on your person any more. Just keep it close and pair these lightweight sports headphones and get on with the business of getting fit.

Easy Controls The Oduo CR16SP wireless headphones allow you to control your device from the headphone itself. No need to leave your workout in the middle to turn the volume up or down, pay or pause or even change or repeat a track. You can do all this from your headphones.

Hands Free Calls If you are pairing it with your smartphone, then Oduo CR16SP gives you the benefit of answering your
phone calls without reaching out for the phone. Just use the multi function button on the Bluetooth earphones to control your phone calls. Once paired with a device, it has a range of 20 feet.

Long Hours Playback The Oduo CR16SP comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Just plug it into a USB port to
recharge it to get a music time close to 4 hours. The standby time is 150 hours and it takes only 1 hour for a full
recharge. You simply couldn’t ask for more in a pair of earphones!


  • Bluetooth 4.1 HD Voice technology ensures a crystal clear Bluetooth stereo headphones audio experience.
  • Noise-Cancellation Headset. Oduo CR16SP earphones preserve the quality of your voice while muting background noise.
  • Embedded microphone for hands-free Communication. long hours music playback time. 150 hours earbuds standby time.
  • Package includes CR16SP Bluetooth earphones, different size ear cushions, charging cord.