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Multi-Purpose Hanging Wardrobe Safe


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Product Description

You can never be too careful with your personal belongings these days. There are vagabonds about that will happily steal everything from you but the shirt on your back.Foil opportunist burglars and thieves with this ingenious wardrobe ‘safe’. What looks like an ordinary vest top is actually a cunningly concealed hiding place,it is essentially a false vest that unzips to reveal 9 see-through, zipped pockets of various sizes.

There’s space for all your bank cards, passport, cash or any other valuables you wish to hide away.The idea is to slip the closet safe onto a coathanger underneath a shirt or jacket and store inside your wardrobe either at home or in your hotel room while you’re out. Keeping desirable items out of view.

Clearly it’s no subsistute for a real safe but in situations where this isn’t possible or convenient, the hanging wardrobe safe gives that little extra piece of mind and will hopefully scupper any scoundrels that come snooping around for your valuables and in turn organise your valuables. Ideal for home and a must-have when travelling. Simply hang it in your wardrobe layered under a shirt or top.

Features: *Looks like a regular shirt *Keeps valuables hidden in your wardrobe.*Conceals 9 handy pockets.*Flap held closed with a zip on either side and velcro .*65% polyester/35% cotton *Size; 60cm (23”) L x 39 cm(15”) W Approx. *Do not iron.

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