Bissell Easy Sweep manual carpet sweeper cleaner

Bissell Easy Sweep manual carpet sweeper cleaner


Product Description

Easy Sweep Ewbank type carpet sweeper

Traditional carpet sweeper with adjustable handles for different heights.

Why get you large cumbersome vacuum out with all its tools and wires when you can use this little gadget would do it all.

Ideal for picking bread crumbs or paper shreds or kids mess round the home. Collect spilled powders, crumbs and hairs from both carpets and hard floors.


·      Adjustable handle for different heights

·      Rotating brush for easy and quick clean

·      Light weight and compact and easy to use handy for all types of carpet

·      Easy lift- out cassette (dust box)for emptying easy to store rugged construction

·       Patented toughened angle bristle brush lies flat for cleaning under furniture.

This is a 100% brand new item still in the original box with instructions

Box is tatty



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