Unibond Aero 360º Aromatherapy Vanilla refill tabs, 2x 450g

Unibond Aero 360º Aromatherapy Vanilla refill tabs, 2x 450g


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Product Description

UniBond Aero 360° Refill Tabs Comforting Vanilla The refill tabs for the moisture absorber Aero 360° absorb excess moisture from the air while delivering a cosy scent of vanilla. They are ideal for rooms of up to 20m² over a time-span of up to three months. The tabs are composed of ultra-absorbent crystals and an opening in the centre to boost performance. The tabs come with a patented technology and contain essential oils.


  • For large rooms up to 20m²: perfect for dehumidifying the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or caravan for up to 3 months per tab  
  • Improved efficiency: The Aero 360° tab has a special wave shape and an opening in the centre for more air contact to boost the performance of the system  
  • 3 in 1 patented technology: absorbs excess moisture / neutralises odours / delivers a comforting scent of vanilla 
  • Helps prevent: condensation, mould, mildew, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, allergens and dust mites by absorbing excess moisture from the air  
  • Items delivered: 2 x 450g Vanilla-scented refill tabs for moisture absorber Aero 360 by UniBond / Tabs fit into every dehumidifier with a capacity of at least 450g