Digital Wireless Child Tracker Children/Pet Finder

Digital Wireless Child Tracker Children/Pet Finder


Digital Wireless Child Tracker Childern Pet Finder

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Product Description

Gives added peace of mind for parents and more freedom for children. As a parent of a toddler, you have had that terrible panic attack when your child has wondered off and is nowhere is sight. Help is now at hand with the world’s first intelligent child tracker, the tracker can be alerted when your loved one disappears out of range.

This system comes with a watch like tracker your child wears and a receiver that you wear.Simply clip on the receiver using the attached belt clip, and you can track your child using a digital signal.If your child moves too far away, an alarm will sound on the receiver. With three different range settings, you can specify the distance your child can go before the alarm sounds.

When the alarm is activated, you will be alerted and the child’s watch will also make a high-pitched noise. LEDs on the receiver will light up, and will point in the direction of your child. Now you can feel secure when taking your child to the mall, park, or any public area.
* Keep an eye on your children playing in garden, playground or even in shopping mall.
*   LEDs to guide the parent to the child. *Both units can communicate at over 50m in an open – air environment. *Each parent unit is capable of monitoring 4 separate child units.
*   When the parent unit is getting closer to the child unit,the LEDs will be flashing quicker  and the beep sound will become quicker *Setting warning range – You can set distance between Child Unit and Parent Unit (Near range / Normal range / Far range). *Low power detection – When the battery power is low, the power LED will flash red as a warning.
*System Specification: 0perating Range :Typical 50 meters light of sight .* Requires 2 x AAA 1.5V Duracell batteries(included). *Dimension: W:45mm H:115mm D:32mm * Weight: 50g
*Child Unit requires 1 x CR2450 battery Included . *Dimension: W:45mm H:45mm D:20mm.*Weight: 34g



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