NITROMORS All Purpose Paint & Varnish Stripper/Remover - 4 Litre

NITROMORS All Purpose Paint & Varnish Stripper/Remover – 4 Litre


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Product Description

Nitromors All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover is a fast acting, double strength paint stripper to make the removal of paint, varnish and lacquer quick and easy. It is suitable for use on wood, metal and masonry surfaces and the non-drip formula means it is perfect for vertical surfaces.

It has a green colour indicator to identify easily where the product has been applied.

In a single application, 5 layers of paint can be removed within 50 minuets with the top coat blistering within 5 minuets. With just 2 – 3 applications, 15 layers can be removed from wood to bring it back to bare wood.


  • 4 Litre tin
  • Coverage: Up to 2.5 sq m per litre
  • Application: Brush
  • Drying: 50 minutes active working time per application
  • It is both water washable for easy clean up and methylated Spirit washable to avoid raising the wood grain.
  • This product is not suitable for use on plastics.

Application Details

  • Decant formula into suitable glass or metal container
  • Apply a thick coat with a dabbing action with a brush (2 – 3mm)
  • Do not brush out and only apply to small areas at a time (no more than 0.5 sq m)
  • Once paint is blistered (5 – 10 mins) apply second coat working into blistered paint
  • Do not attempt to remove paint yet, leave around 40 mins for it to work
  • Then remove blistered and soft paint with a scraper or shave hook

Saftey Notes

  • Wear protective clothing & equipment when applying including gloves and goggles
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when apllying
  • See safety data sheet for full details