36x Packs of 12 Multi-colour Fun rubber Crazy bandz

36x Packs of 12 Multi-colour Fun rubber Crazy bandz


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Product Description

Shaped Bandz are made of silicone rubber that is formed into a shape. They are typically worn as a bracelet, and they revert back to their original shape when removed.
They come in lots of different shapes and colours, and are come in packs of 12 .These bands can be used as a motivator/reward for good participation in therapy, but they can also be goal-specific. In articulation-focused therapy, the alphabet pack can be used by giving the child not only the visual but also a tactile experience with the goal phoneme, allowing them to stretch it & manipulate it while saying the target.
They come 12 bands to a packet, in 6 different shapes and few different colour finishes. These bands in 3 different shape themes (Back to School/Princess shapes/Fruit shapes) .You will get one tub containing 36 individual packs of 12 bandz.