Free shopping bag offer

Plastic is everywhere in our daily life, therefore it is easy to think that it is a convenient product to use and mindlessly throw away.
Fact: 100 billion plastic bags are used every day, and only for a few minutes before they are thrown away. Once used plastic bags will remain in landfill for as long as 1,000 years, slowly breaking down into tiny toxic pieces. It is estimated there are 74,000 pieces of plastic floating in each square km of our ocean.
Here at Online4bargains we are going green, and we are giving away a free Large Reusable Yellow Canvas shopping .This heavy duty shopping bag is big enough to hold all your family shopping yet it fold away for easy storage in the boot of your car ready for its next shopping trip. Eco friendly so you will be doing your bit to rid the world of the nasty plastic bag, and you will be saving yourself few pennies. Simply spend £20 or more and we will send you this bag for FREE

Go green